Heed Our Warning

Some Men In Suits Can’t Be Trusted!

Because you never really know who they are.  Or what they are really doing.  Or why they are gather in groups.  What are they planning?  What is their mission?  Why are they everywhere?

But don’t pre-judge!  Men in suits are not necessarily Men in Suits. Alternatively, the men in are not necessarily men in suits. Understand?

Where might you see our Men in Suits?

  • In the foyers of the cathedrals of capitalism?
  • Elbowing for room at a corporate coffee shop counter?
  • In the lane-ways and byways of commercial city centres?
  • At private and discrete company functions?
  • Without fear of identification, in the vastness of fine public spaces?

But Wait!

If this gathering of masculinity resonates with beautiful sounds, take heed, listen and throw money (optional) – it must be the

Men in Suits