The Humble Origins of our Species

Men in Suits has, at its roots, a semi-clandestine gathering of mere males looking for an excuse to escape life’s routines one evening a week to sing.

That group still gets together most Thursday nights of the year for a couple of hours of musical magic and a little mayhem.  If we convince ourselves that we are again magnificent, we are rewarded with a beverage or two at the “local”, where we share tales of how we’ve each managed, in our own ways, to save the world that day.

Under the guidance of Suitmeister Stephen Taberner, we eventually ventured forth to give voice to the masses.  And in disguise.
In time, our uninvited appearances in unexpected places at unscheduled times to an unsuspecting public gave rise to an identity.  And a name.  And a reputation.

We had evolved – and they called us Men in Suits!

Picture from “The Evolution of Man” by cartoonist Joe Cannaday (