The Illustrious Careers of Men In Suits

Having burst onto Melbourne’s music scene with an uninvited debut performance at the BMW Edge in 2007, Men in Suits has continued to surprise and delight audiences in south-east Australia with its repertoire of deadpan originals, revolutionary anthems, Georgian lullabies and classic pop songs (with twist).  Its 20-plus members sing unaccompanied and unabashed in a style of their own.

The group is currently promoting a second CD during their ‘Aspirational National Two-Year Tour’, taking in booked and impromptu performances at festivals and concerts from Melbourne to places beyond.  With the drawn-out launch of the “we are here to help you” CD, Men in Suits continues to connect audiences with the inner suited man.  With tender harmonies and a full range of mantones, they turn heads but never stomachs.

Yes it’s a choir – but not what you’d expect!  Current musical co-directors Chris Blain (Founder of Suade) and Joseph Jordania  have continued the choir’s quirky but well-dressed style developed under its original suitmeister, Stephen Taberner (of The Spooky Men’s Chorale).  From runner-up at the National Folk Festival’s ‘Motown’ competition in 2010, to the streets and foyers of Melbourne, to the boardrooms of the corporately established – Men in Suits will enliven, surprise, astonish and perhaps even disturb those in their presence.  Especially if they are performing for you.

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